Automate your IoT system.

The iCon sensor is equipped with three sensors in one so you can automate your network the way you want.

The iCon Sensor will automate your system.

Integrate the Sensor to make your IoT system hands-free.

Presenting Amptek Technologies' newest IoT innovation that will expand the innovative capability of your iCon network. The iCon Sensor is embedded with three different sensors to expand its potential applications: Infrared (PIR) and Ultrasonic Sensors detect motion, while the Photocell Sensor detects various levels of ambient light.

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See the system in action.

Automate your system.

Fully equip your Internet-of-Things lighting system with the Amptek Tech iCon, BLE Dimmer, and Sensor for the full easy-to-use, automated experience.

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From start to finish.

We take pride in custom manufacturing our products.

We always carry out our product design from the ideation phase to the manufacturing process. We have developed a custom steel mold to manufacture the iCon Sensor to ensure that we only produce quality devices.

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Three sensors, one device.

Fully-loaded with three sensors for optimum automation.

The iCon Sensor allows you to completely automate your IoT system by detecting nearby motion and changing levels of ambient light in your network.

Motion Detection.

An Infrared (PIR) and Ultrasonic Sensor is embedded into our iCon Sensor to detect motion in your building. The Infrared motion sensor has a full 360 degree range with a radius of over 5 metres. The Ultrasonic motion sensor can also reach up to 4 metres.

Ambient Light Detection.

Our iCon Sensor is also embedded with a Photocell Sensor to detect various levels of light in your building. This allows your IoT lighting system to automatically adjust the intensity of your LED luminaires based on the amount of natural light entering the building. Luminaires will decrease their output during brighter days, consuming less energy and therefore save you more money.

The iCon Sensor in our Mobile App.

Control of your sensor is in the palm of your hands.

Our iConDimmer mobile app enables you to setup your unique system of iCon Sensors. Individual sensors can be customized by choosing which type of sensor is activated, sensor sensitivity, and more.


iCon Sensor


Input: 100-375VAC, 50/60Hz, 13A
Output: 100-375VAC, 13A Max, 4000VA Max
Infrared motion sensor range: 360 degrees, 5.5 meter radius
Ultrasonic motion sensor range: 4 meters
Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy V4.2
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 122mm x 128mm x 36mm


IC: 5123A-BGM113
ETL: Certified to CSA C22.2 No 60950-1, Conforms to UL Std. 60950-1.

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